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Variables associated with mitochondrial copy number in human blastocysts what can we learn from trophectoderm biopsies

Uterine stem cells. From basic research to advanced cell therapies

The impact of balanced reciprocal translocation 46, XX, t 7, 17 P 13, q 24 probably involving the SOX9 gene in the in vitro fertilization with own oocytes...

The Endometrial Factor

The diagnosis of chronic endometritis in infertile asymptomatic women a comparative study of histology, microbial cultures, hysteroscopy, and molecular microbiology

The clinical utility of PGD with HLA matching a collaborative multi-centre ESHRE study

Segregation of mitochondrial DNA heteroplasmy through a developmental genetic bottleneck in human embryos

Reply to Liu et al. Decidualization defect in severe preeclampsia

Prevalence of XXY karyotypes in human blastocysts Multicentre data from 7549 trophectoderm biopsies obtained during preimplantation genetic testing cycles in IVF

Personalized ovarian stimulation for assisted reproductive technology Study design considerations to move from hype to added value for patients

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