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The diagnosis of chronic endometritis in infertile asymptomatic women: a comparative study of histology, microbial cultures, hysteroscopy, and molecular microbiology.

Extracellular Vesicles in Human Reproduction in Health and Disease.

Origin and composition of cell-free DNA in spent medium from human embryo culture during preimplantation development

Window of implantation transcriptomic stratification reveals different endometrial subsignatures associated with live birth and biochemical pregnancy

Meta-signature of human endometrial receptivity: a meta-analysis and validation study of transcriptomic biomarkers

Implantation failure of endometrial origin: it is not pathology, but our failure to synchronize the developing embryo with a receptive endometrium

Diagnosis of endometrial-factor infertility: current approaches and new avenues for research

Defective decidualization during and after severe preeclampsia reveals a possible maternal contribution to the etiology.

Dynamic expression of PGRMC1 and SERBP1 in human endometrium: an implication in the human decidualization process.

Tripolar mitosis and partitioning of the genome arrests human preimplantation development in vitro.

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