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Short-Term PTEN Inhibition Improves In Vitro Activation of Primordial Follicles, Preserves Follicular Viability, and Restores AMH Levels in Cryopreserved Ovarian Tissue From Cancer Patients

Embryonic miRNA profiles of normal and ectopic pregnancies.

The Lin28/Let-7 system in early human embryonic tissue and ectopic pregnancy.

Cytological studies of human meiosis: sex-specific differences in recombination originate at, or prior to, establishment of double-strand breaks.

Defining the genomic signature of totipotency and pluripotency during early human development

Bone marrow-derived cells from male donors do not contribute to the endometrial side population of the recipient

miRNA signature and Dicer requirement during human endometrial stromal decidualization in vitro

Inhibition of histone deacetylase activity in human endometrial stromal cells promotes extracellular matrix remodelling and limits embryo invasion.

Reconstruction of endometrium from human endometrial side population cell lines

Functional genomics of 5- to 8-cell stage human embryos by blastomere single-cell cDNA analysis.

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