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Severe pre-eclampsia is associated with alterations in cytotrophoblasts of the smooth chorion.

Human somatic cells subjected to genetic induction with six germ line-related factors display meiotic germ cell-like features

Human stem cells from single blastomeres reveal pathways of Embryonic or trophoblast fate specification.

Hsa-miR-30d, secreted by the human endometrium, is taken up by the pre-implantation embryo and might modify its transcriptome.

Prediction model for aneuploidy in early human embryo development revealed by single-cell analysis.

Germ line development: lessons learned from pluripotent stem cells.

Variable maternal methylation overlapping the nc886/vtRNA2-1 locus is locked between hypermethylated repeats and is frequently altered in cancer.

Human pre-implantation embryo development

Haemodynamic effects of long-term administration of sildenafil in normotensive pregnant and non-pregnant rats.

The effects of ergot and non-ergot-derived dopamine agonists in an experimental mouse model of endometriosis

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